What is Fit Mom Fit Kids?


At Fit Mom Fit Kids, we believe that leading a healthy and active lifestyle as a family is crucial, and that it should be done with fun and joy. We also believe in the power of home-cooked meals and snacks in promoting success, health, and longevity. Additionally, we believe that children's menus should offer more options than just chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, and that encouraging children to be curious about food is important.

We are also committed to reducing the amount of sugar in our food and eliminating hidden sugars, particularly for children. However, we believe in balance and that carefully curated treats can be enjoyed in moderation.

We also believe in investing in high-quality products that make life easier and happier, and in supporting companies that give back to the community. That's why we create and curate amazing products across food, beauty, wellness, home, and fashion.

Lastly, we believe that every child deserves loving parents, and that every person with love in their hearts should have the opportunity to experience parenthood. That's why we support foster care-related charities and work to create more families for children in need.


The Why

Fit Mom Fit Kids, founded by Devin Alexander, a renowned chef on NBC's The Biggest Loser, was born from Devin's personal experience of adopting a child from the Los Angeles County Foster Care System as a single mother. Devin's love for healthy and delicious food led her to develop creative ways to raise her child to be food curious and avoid obesity. She was often stopped and asked if her child was really eating Brussels sprouts, salmon and butternut squash "fries" at a young age.

Devin's passion for promoting healthy living was rivaled by her desire to help foster youth, which led her to become deeply involved in supporting foster care-related charities and advocating for child welfare policy changes. As a former overweight individual and a veteran of The Biggest Loser, Devin is also dedicated to fighting the Type 2 diabetes epidemic in the United States. She authored the book You Can Have It! and started the Diabetes Takedown™ movement.

Fit Mom Fit Kids is the culmination of Devin's 20-year journey, driven by her mission to help others "have it all" - stay fit and happy, and make a positive impact on the foster care system and diabetes community.


Our Promise

At Fit Mom Fit Kids, we make a promise to you - to bring you the best products, expert advice, and recommendations for your family's wellness and happiness. We understand that your time and money are valuable, so we work tirelessly to find only the best options for you. Our highest priority is your family's health and well-being, and we only recommend products and resources that we truly believe in and love. Trust us to help you find the best options for your family's needs.