An expert recommended that I never put my angel, Jelly Bean, in anything confining such as a baby bouncer or swing (with the obvious exception being a car seat when driving). But swings and bouncers keep your baby comfortable, secure and often even, entertained, right? Actually, the child development expert shared that leaving my daughter free to wiggle and move around meant that she would basically do the equivalent of baby pilates all day, which would make her super strong as opposed to just “being”. I’m in!

So when Jelly Bean was an infant, outside of nap time, she was almost always by my side…even when I was in my office working (see my feet in the pic)! Instead of being strapped into a seat, I would have her on the floor on a cozy blanket (under close supervision so she couldn’t inadvertently get caught under it!) or on her solid colored play mat (“busy” mats overstimulate kids) free to lounge. She’d be right there on the floor, doing “her thing”, while I did mine.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but from the time my angel was a few months old, people would comment on how strong she is/was! And she was sooo good at tummy time!  So I strongly suggest you let your little one(s) explore, test, and strengthen their muscles!  And keep them (appropriately) close…whether you’re working, cooking or workout out yourself!