Mom Hack: Monster Spray!

Jelly Bean used to “let me” leave her room at night before she fell asleep.  Suddenly (and timed when people started wearing masks due to Covid), she started screaming bloody murder at night afraid of “monsters”. 

Enter Monster Spray!  A psychologist suggested I try spraying her room with Febreeze, calling it, “Monster Spray”.  While I was open to this suggestion from a psychological standpoint, I was immediately certain that I was not going to be spraying a laundry list of ingredients over my daughter’s bed to injest on a nightly basis.

            Unable to ease her mind without getting in bed with her (thus preventing me from another hour or more (of key pandemic work hours)), I combed my bedroom and bathroom looking for lavender spray (a GREAT option since it promotes sleep).  And suddenly, I remembered, my friend (and Fit Mom Fit Baby Contributor), Dr. Michael Breuss had gifted me a sample bottle of his Sleep Spray!  It’s actually designed to be sprayed in your mouth…AND smells like chocolate!  PERFECT. 

            I rushed to Jelly Bean’s room, pretend spraying it all over the room (accompanied by a “spray sound affect” I vocalized with each spray – didn’t need to waste the bottle in a few nights since it’s isn’t super inexpensive) and then did 1 REAL spray over her bed. I told her that she’d soon smell chocolate and she’d know the monsters were all gone.  Just like that…poof!  “YUM” she said!  And she “let me” leave.  Off to sleep she went.  Months later, I still do “Monster spray” almost every night!  And I still have that same tiny bottle. 

At the end of the day, while I recommend Dr. Breus’ spray (with the bonus that it will help you, mom, too!), any spray would work (even water – though you’d lose the smell confirming that the monsters are gone).  Just make sure whatever spray you do buy is clean enough that you want your child breathing it.  Lavender is known for having sleep properties, so I’d recommend a lavender spray as a back up to Dr. Breus’.  Again, though, some are as clean as:  “Water, Lavender Oil (Lavandula x intermedia) (Lavandin), Coconut Oil” and others, well, aren’t! 

Sweet dreams to you, Super Mom, and to your kiddo(s)!