Mom Hack: “I Get To” Mindset

Let’s face it, being a mom is the BIGGEST JOY we will ever know.  And it definitely has it moments.  From the poop on your dress at the exact wrong time to the toys strewn all over your just cleaned house, and the school emergency smack dab in the middle of that important client meeting…we Supermoms have all been there!

            When I’m in one of these moments, I picture the cover of my girlfriend, Alicia’s book, I Get To!  Every Supermom has teary-eyed moments where we’ve felt like we just couldn’t take it. But even at the worst of the worst, we’d do anything to choose even more sleepless nights, tantrums and spit up in our hair over not waking up to those little smiles even just one more time. 

            As a foster mom hoping to adopt, even though I was a solo mom, I vowed NEVER to complain or let myself go down the thought path of, “this is hard” (even though it obviously had it’s moments).  The 15 months of ever present, “Please God, don’t take this perfect angel from me”, had me committed to messaging the universe, that Jelly Bean belonged with me, “I am lucky to get to spend this time in the middle of the night bonding with her”.  And I couldn’t wait for the day when I got to say, “I Get To” be her mom forever.

            Being a mom is TOUGH.  And it’s a privilege that some women never get to experience.  I find that shifting the mindset to really embrace, “I Get To”, (and having a tribe of fellow Supermoms who get you and help you!!!) are the best steps we can take to truly enjoying motherhood!