Mom Hack: Baby Bath Breakdown

Bath time can be one of the most magical times you share with your baby or small child. It can also be one of the most stressful. Everything needs be in arm’s reach to avoid drowning hazards. The water needs to be warm, but not too warm. Not to mention the fact that your little angel might fight the bath time routine. AH! There’s so much to worry about!

If baths are feeling more like a battle, consider these tips:

  1. Keep it short: Baths are exhausting and the quicker you bathe your baby the better for both of you. Don’t wear yourself out. Let the bath water be an indicator. If it’s cooling down and your cutie is going to get cold, you should wrap it up.
  2. Baths don’t have to be daily: Most newborns don’t get all that dirty aside from their hands, mouth, and diaper area which are all cleaned regularly anyway. Give yourself a break and only bathe them when necessary, approximately 3 times per week. Even toddlers will be okay with every other day. In fact, if you bathe them too often, you run the risk of drying out their skin.
  3. Get to know your baby: does the water perk them up? Does a warm bath calm them down for bed? It’ll be much easier to give them a bath if it’s at the best time of day for them. So choose intentionally--just make sure it’s not immediately after they eat. Their tiny tummies need a second to settle or you might be doing a bit of extra clean up (they’re more prone to spit up after eating or feeding).
  4. Shampoo last: If you’ll be washing their hair, it’s better to do that last so that they don’t spend the whole bath in sudsy water. You’ll also minimize the risk of a whole bath long tub tantrum from accidentally getting soap in their eyes in the beginning.